MyNoWriMo Report – How I Did & What I Learned — 2 Comments

  1. Well, first of all, I must applaud you for writing for a sustained amount of time, especially with children and other commitments. Just the fact that you put pen to paper, whether in a journal or on index cards, is light years away from those who don’t.

    Second, I’ve done and won NaNoWriMo twice. I hesitate to give you any tips, since creativity is so individual to each person. But the one thing that really helped me getting those 50k words done was being as rough with it as possible. Even if I had a plan or characters and scenarios in mind, whatever came into my head, I let come into my head. If there was an angry squid, I let there be an angry squid. Word count matters more than plot in those cases, but even then, one can come up with some surprisingly brilliant stuff once one lets go.

    Oh, and adding a character that is hard of hearing so that other characters repeat things for the character certainly added to my word count. The character would be likely taken out later, but it still kept me going as a like a spot check in some areas.

    Keep trying and keep writing, though! You’ll find your best workstyle eventually 🙂

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